Privacy Policy

Doosan Heritage 1896 (hereinafter referred to as ‘The website’) complies with personal information protection regulations in the relevant laws such as the Personal Information Protection Act and the Act on the Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc. The website is doing the best to protect the interests of information subjects such as customers, employees, and The website users by establishing the privacy policy and practicing safeguards in accordance with relevant laws. This Privacy policy covers how The The website collects, uses, shares and stores your personal information and how the website secures your information. The website may change the Privacy policy from time to time. The website will provide notification to you through The website or by other means. (e.g., get in touch with individually) Our Privacy Policy describes how to process personal information and how to operate and manage video devices. Note that a different privacy policy may apply to other Doosan entities’ Websites. If The website modify the Privacy policy, The website will post the revised statement here or notify you by other means.

The website recognizes the importance of privacy and data protection to our customers and the website users (hereinafter the “Data subject”). The website has committed to data and privacy protection across entire applications. Therefore, the website complies with all applicable privacy and data protection laws, such as the Personal Information Protection Act and Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc. (hereinafter referred to as the” Act on Information and Communications Network).

1. What Data the website Collects
1. The website collects your personal data in accordance with law and with transparency and fairness to you.
2. The website only collects personal information which is essential to providing our services. The website do not collect data which is, by its nature, particularly sensitive or might jeopardize the basic human right and privacy. (e.g., data revealing racial or ethnic origin, religion or other beliefs, birthplace, political opinions, sex life, sexual orientation, data concerning health, criminal background, etc.)
2. Information Collected about You and How the website Collects
Here are the types of personal information we collect. Data stipulated in Clause 2 below might be automatically collected about your use of The website. The website gathers data in order to:
1. Deal with complaints
  • Required : Name, email, contact no.
  • Optional : Company
2. Analyze and improve services we provide: information involved here is automatically generated and collected through your online activities.
  • Your service use records, access log, cookies, originating IP address
3. Why the website Use Personal Information?
The website uses personal information to:
1. Develop relationships with our customers.
  • This may include: (i) analyzing your interactions with us, providing functionality, improving our website, and enhancing the usability and effectiveness of our services;
  • Handling customers complaints. We use personal data to take steps to address complaints and communicate with. Also, The website refer to data in order to provide notice how complaints have been processed, if applicable.
4. Retention of Personal Information
The website collects personal data to:
1. Resolve complaints;
  • Information stored: name, email, phone (contact no.)
  • Retention period: 1 year
2. Analyze and improve services The website provides;
  • Information stored : Service use history, access log, cookies, originating IP address
  • Retention period : 3 years
5. How the website Delete Personal Data and Steps the website Take
1. Within 5 days after the expiration of the retention period, personal data is deleted. In case The website no longer needs personal data for good reason such as achievement of privacy statement, service or business closure, the data is deleted within 5 days after when the information is regarded no longer needed.
2. How to delete
  • a. Physical records revealing personal data: shredding or incinerating.
  • b. Electronic records: permanently erased so as to ensure that they cannot be restored.
6. When the website May Share Personal Information
The website does not disclose or share personal information with third parties without the prior consent of data subjects and/or without good cause set forth in applicable laws except as described herein:
  • Share your information with your permission.
  • Share your personal information with third parties when The website have a good faith belief that disclosure is indispensable for compliance with statutory obligations and regulations.
  • There may be a time when data subjects or their dully authorized representatives are unable to express their consent or out of reach while your or others life, body, or/and property is thought to be in danger. In this situation, the website share your information without prior consent.
The Company currently provides the following types of personal information :
Table by personal information
Data shared with Data the website share Why the website share Retention Period
Doosan Digital Innovation name, phone (mobile), email To confirm authenticity identity check. Deletes right after getting identification
S-Tec System name, phone (mobile), email To confirm authenticity identity check. Deletes right after getting identification
7. Service Providers Who Handle Personal Data On Behalf of Us
The website hires third parties to perform support services for data subjects. The website control and supervise them to ensure personal information is processed in a safe manner pursuant to applicable laws and regulations. The table below describes personal information third parties manage on our behalf.
Table by personal information
Service Provider Services
Doosan Digital Innovation Data storage and offer related services - name, email, phone (contact)
Hancomm Inc. Complaints archive and offer related services - name, email, phone (contact)
DAOU TECH Inc. Interlocked text message sending sevice - phone(contact)
8. Exercising Your Rights
1. You have the right to withdraw any consent previously granted or to request for search, correction, or amendment to your personal data. To exercise your rights, you can contact our Privacy Officer on the phone or email or write to us at the appropriate address.
2. Following your rectification request, The website neither use nor share your personal information until The website rectifys your inaccurate information.
3. For children under the age of 14, their parents or legal guardians hold the right to view and update the kid’s personal information, and to withdraw consent to personal information collection and use.
4. If any personal information passes its expiration date or is erased upon request of data subjects or legal representatives, The website will not view or use the information unless applicable laws otherwise clearly require.
9. Cookies and Your Choices
1. A cookie is an element of data that the website can send to your browser which may then be stored on your system. The website use cookies to gather data about visitors to The website.
2. You can choose not to use cookies. You can set your browser to accept, block or alert you about cookies. Please note, however that without cookies you may not be able to take full advantage of the website features.
10. How the website Secures Your Information
The website retains data as required or permitted by Article 29 of the Personal Information Protection Act and Article 28 of the Act on Information and Communications Network. The website keeps your data secure by using a variety of security technologies and procedures such as;
1. Minimizing the number of authorized staff who handle personal data.
  • The website minimizes power and authority of those who process and handle personal data.
2. Regular trainings given to them.
  • Our privacy guidelines are communicated with our Privacy staff as part of regular trainings.
3. Regular internal audit.
  • To ensure your personal data is secure, The website perform internal audit on a regular basis.
4. Internal Privacy Guidelines and Safeguards
  • The website builds privacy and security guidelines and strictly enforce privacy safeguards within The website to protect your personal information from unauthorized access, alteration or destruction; maintain data accuracy; and help ensure the appropriate use of your information.
5. Personal Data Encryption
  • When your personal information and password is stored and maintained, they are encrypted. The website protect your personal information during transit using security measures.
6. Cybersecurity
  • To prevent loss of data, unauthorized access or destruction, The website utilizes security program with limited access housed in facilities and update and inspect them on a regular basis using physical and technical security measures.
7. Access Control
  • Access to personal data processing system are granted, changed or terminated for security as needed. Firewalls are utilized against unauthorized or unlawful access.
8. Access Log Keeping and Forging Protection
  • Personal data access log is maintained at least for 6 months. Access log is protected using security feature against forging, data loss, or leak.
9. Keep Documents Secure in Storage
  • Documents and portable storage devices containing personal information are kept in locked storage.
10. Restricting Unauthorized Access
  • The website keeps personal information in a separate place and have developed access control protocols to protect information from unauthorized access.
11. Chief Privacy and Data Protection Officer
1. If you have any questions or concerns about the website's Privacy Policy or data processing, you can contact our Chief Privacy and Data Protection Officer.
A. CPO (Chief Privacy and Data Protection Officer)
  • Department : Doosan Corp. CISO
  • Name : Jeongbae Hong
B. Privacy and Data Protection Office
2. If you have other unresolved privacy concerns, please contact institutions below.
12. Our Privacy Policy Scope
Our Privacy Policy applies to our Website ( only. Other Doosan companies may have their own privacy policies and service offers to other Doosan entities may be construed in a different privacy policy rather than our policy.
13. Updates to Our Privacy Policy
When the website change the policy, a notice will be posted on The website along with updates and reason before enforcing the change.

Effective Date : This Privacy Policy comes into effect on February 28, 2023.

This policy indicates how Doosan Heritage 1896 operates and manages video processing devices and why we use them.

01. Ground for and Purpose of Installing Visual Data Processing Devices
Doosan Heritage 1896(herein after referred to as ‘Doosan’) has installed and utilized visual data processing devices (herein after referred to as ‘CCTV’) pursuant to Clause 1 of Article 25 on Personal Information Protection Act in order to:
  • keep facilities secure and prevent fire;
  • prevent crime for customer safety;
  • fulfill legitimate purpose within the range of applicable laws.
02. CCTV Updates
영상정보처리기기 설치 및 운영현황 제공 표
Requesters Substance
Installed Quantity 12ea (as of October 31, 2022)
Installed Location Doosan Heritage 1896
Camera Coverage External/internal entrances and exhibition area

※ Quantity may vary depending on potential relocation/creation/redesign of Doosan Heritage 1896 facility as long as it meets the purpose of devices.
03. How Long We Record and Retain and Where We Store Video
Recording time Retention time Place of Storage
24 hours 30 days General Contral Center at B1F of N Bldg, Boodang Doosan Tower

• How It Handled: Video use for unintended purpose, share with third parties, deletion, or viewing are recorded and controlled. Following the expiration of the retention period, video footage is permanently erased so as to ensure that it cannot be restored and physical records are destroyed in a manner where they cannot be reproduced (e.g., shredding or incinerating); provided; however, that if visual data is bound to be stored in accordance with laws and regulations, the footage is stored and controlled separately.
04. Authorized Staff
Your privacy is important to us, so access to the CCTV system is only be for authorized staff stated below. If you have any concerns about our visual data processing, please contact us.
Roles Contact Point Number
Authorization to manage footage Kyungbo Kim in Southern Management Support Center, Doosan Cuvex Co., Ltd. 031-5179-3960
Authorization to view footage Jonghyuck Yoon in Southern Management Support Center Facility management Team, Doosan Cuvex Co., Ltd. 031-5179-3971
05. Matters concerning the installation and management of image information processing equipment
The Company entrusts the installation and management of image information processing equipment as follows, and stipulates necessary matters so that personal information can be safely managed when contracting consignment in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.
Company Contact porson number
S1 co. Ltd. Sehwan Park 010-6345-3438
06. Exercise Your Right to View CCTV Footage
  • How to exercise your right of access to visual data : Contact the authorized staff who has access privilege prior to your visit to our facility. You can view your video on your visit to our facility.
  • Where to watch : Security Zone in our building
※ Documents You Need For Viewing
Requesters Required Documents
Individuals Applicant Identity documents (ID card, driver’s license, or passport), request form (use Doosan form)
Representative Identity document of representatives or power of attorney, a certificate of seal impression, request form (use Doosan form)
Public institutions (Courts or investigation agencies) A copy of government official ID (front/back), bench warrant or submission order, an official document of investigation agencies (signature of a head of organization required)
07. Providing Access to CCTV to Data Subjects
You have the right to ask Doosan Heritage 1896 to confirm presence of video you appear on and to show or delete the video at any given time. However, it is limited to footage that you are caught on or when we have a good faith belief that the video is absolutely necessary in an urgent manner for the protection of life, body, and/or property of the data subject.
Request Form (CCTV Footage Request)
Your request to view might be denied in some cases stipulated herein. Managers send reasons of denial in writing within 10 days to you. Refer to potential cases below.
  • As the defined retention period having expired, the footage no longer exists;
  • Access to video or steps involved might jeopardize the privacy of others;
  • Other legitimate reasons exist to refuse the request of data subjects.
08. Security of Video
We use encryption protection for video and its visual information. Additionally, we practice access control to footage and personal data. The use and regular review of access log, including date of creation, viewer, purpose, provides assurance that only authorized personnel have access to and view the footage, preventing data forgery. The storage medium is maintained in a secure environment with locking devices.
09. Updates to Our Operation and Management of Video Processing Devices
This policy was updated on February 28 in 2023. In some instances, we may have to change, modify or amend this policy in order to comply with applicable laws and regulations or evolving security technology. We will post a prominent notice on our website to notify you of any significant changes to our policy and reasons.

Posting Date : February 28, 2023.
Effective Date : February 28, 2023.